Coloring Challenge Gallery

Joy Wilson, owner of Pajama Crafter Stamps created a 30 day coloring challenge for each of us to get back to doing more of what we love, as well as taking just 5-minutes a day just for us.

Join us and all our crafty friends and look at all the beautiful creations that are happening due to this challenge!

You can download your free guide HERE or purchase the Bundle that comes with a printed booklet and so much more, but quantities are limited! Purchase HERE

  • Card by Kelly Nagy

    Kelly has taken the boots with flowers panel and completly honored anyone who has or is severing. Absolutely Stunning!

  • Card by Kelly Nagy

    Kelly continues to amaze all of us here in the offices with her inspiring cards! Just absolutely wonderful!

  • Card by Sandy Le Doux

    Our crafty friend Sandy has been working on her 5 minutes of coloring and chose this panel to inspire with floral fabulousness!

  • Card by Justine Dvorak

    Justine is taking us to the mountains with beautiful vistas with this 5 minute card coloring! just wonderdul!

  • Card by Sandy Le Doux

    Argh, Matey!!! Sandy is first mate with coloring this frisky pirate!

  • Card by Becky Harris

    Becky loved this image so much she turned her five minuted of coloring into a finished card!