About Us

Why the name Pajama Crafter Stamps? 
We feel that crafting should be a time of comfort and relaxation that most find when they are in their comfy clothes.  If you're like Joy, you find yourself wrapped up in something crafty until the wee hours of the night into morning, so why not be in your pjs? Pajama Crafter Stamps will always be a welcoming place where you come to meet new friends and find fresh, fun stamps and paper crafting supplies.  We are more than a stamp company we are a community.  Join us!  

Our Brands
We are the home to Prickley Pear Stamps which you have come to know and love for over twenty years.  Prickley Pear has brought timeless designs in red rubber stamps and is transitioning to clear photopolymer stamps and steel dies. You will continue to enjoy your favorites with newly designed stamps on the horizon to coordinate with our "one" design dies that you have treasured.  If you don't know what that means, we have multiple stamp designs that fit into one die.  We feel this is very innovative and friendly on the budget. 
In addition to Prickley Pear and Pajama Crafter Stamps, you will find brands that we love and value in the industry, so be on the look out for more to come.  

Owners Joy and Shawn... The Prickly Pair!  Shawn says Joy is a little prickly and that's why he is pear shaped. And, Shawn tells a lot of Dad jokes.  I apologize in advanced!  But, don't be surprised if you see Joy in her pjs... that's a real thing!  Shawn didn't make it up when he says she changes out of one pair into another regularly.  

I have always felt blessed that I get to create almost everyday, but shortly realized I wanted to help others grow in their crafting journeys by teaching and sharing as many tips and tricks as possible while doing what I love.  Soon that vision grew to not only teaching, but curating products that crafters love.

We are blessed beyond measure to be part of the paper crafting community as we have the opportunity to serve the best of the best, you the crafter!  Our closest friends and most fond memories come from this amazing community and we hope to meet so many more of you!   

As we take our company into it's next chapter we invite you to be a VITAL part of our growth by liking our Facebook page and posting pictures of your cards and paper craft projects there, joining our Facebook Pajama Crafter Stamps & Friends Group, following us on Instagram, Pinterest and Youtube.   Here are the links:

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Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/@PajamaCrafterStamps

We will be participating at several stamping conventions, where we look forward to seeing your beautiful faces! Be sure to look for us and stop by to introduce yourself at the next Stamping Convention you attend.

Joy and Shawn 

Veteran Owned & Operated