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Prickley Pear

TOOLS - Wood Block Red Stamp Pressing Tool - Red Wood Block Press Tool

TOOLS - Wood Block Red Stamp Pressing Tool - Red Wood Block Press Tool

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(One) Hand Made Custom Wooden Block Stamp Pressure Tool "chuckie" used with your stamping platform to help produce a clearly stamped image. Size: 2-1/2" square x 1" tall Perfect for anyone with limited mobility in their arms, shoulders, fingers, hands or wrists, this very handy solid wooden block has smooth grooved and indented sides for easy gripping.  Soft red felt on the bottom helps it slide easily over the top of the closed lid of your stamping platform (such as the Misti, sold separately here).  Apply light pressure and move back and forth over your stamp for an evenly stamped image. Because each block is hand made, there will be nuances in the shades and swirls of the wood grain (see the pictures above.) I reached out to our friend Tim, who is an amazing wood artisan, and described the difficulty I was having with my fingers and what I thought would help.  He said "Yes! I can make those for you!"  I'm sure I'm not only one with challenges in my fingers, so I asked him to make a bunch.  This works very well for me and I'm sure you'll be pleased.  We have a 100% Happy Customer Guarantee!

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