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Pajama Crafter

Dye Ink Blending Solution - PCS-001

Dye Ink Blending Solution - PCS-001

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Pajama Crafter Stamps Dye Ink Blending Solution (1.5 oz)  takes the guess work out of getting the perfect blend every single time.  Apply a pea sized amount to a sponge and add your favorite dye inks.   
Non toxic formula.  Cosmetic grade formula.  

**We recommend smooshing your ink onto a craft mat and picking up the ink with a sponge that has been lightly moistened with the Dye Ink Blending Solution.  Also give it a try with your Watercolor Colored Pencil, Gelatos, Watercolors. Be sure to clean off your pencils after using, before storing.   


Compatible with dye or water based inks or mediums.  

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